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La Loggia, situated on top of Michelangelo Square in Florence is a centenary Restaurant; its exclusivity isn’t only due to the breath-taking view that can be tasted from here, maybe in front of a tasty cappuccino or a champagne and fruit cocktail, but also thanks to the amazing staff that will be able to satisfy all your wishes for any special occasion.

Thanks to its majesty and unique location overlooking Florence, the Cafe Restaurant has been in the last two centuries a meeting point for artists, writers, luminaires and politicians and its walls hold secrets and anecdotes that will be disclosed to you once you reach this charming and exclusive place.

In the years it has been decided to shield that old atmosphere, but also to keep up with the modern and trendy time and today La Loggia hosts fashionable events, like weddings, private parties, fashion shows, and much more.

If you are lucky you can run into one of the periodical events organised by La Loggia: Exclusive Parties with particular dress codes and theme dishes, all of it surrounded by excellent music, DJs or live music that will accompany you through your fun or romantic night.

In the kitchen the Chef allows only seasonal and fresh ingredients therefore in winter you will taste a symphony of colourful products like Porcini Mushrooms and Truffles harvested in the close woods and directly brought to your table; while in spring and summer you will be welcomed by the flower scent of our garden and terrace where our chef will make you taste all the vegetables, fruit and products that our generous Tuscany donates us each year.

Its halls could make anyone feel at ease, even a Queen; while the Lodge is the ideal place to enjoy an aperitif or a light lunch comfortably seated on one of the outdoor sofas.                                                           For your more romantic, formal and celebrative dinners the inside spaces are all you could ever wish and through its large windows all you will see will be Florence and its beauties.

If you are one of those people that are difficult to satisfy, you should definitely come and try La Loggia Restaurant and finally find a place up to your expectations.