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A starred restaurant at Villa Bardini in Florence

Villa Bardini n Florence has become a place of charm that houses The Legend of the Friars restaurant in its stables.

The name is inspired by a legend, Abbadia Isola, in the province of Siena in Tuscany. One distant night in July, three friars gathered the best vegetables of their garden and the best grapes of their vineyards and prepared a succulent lunch. They ate and drank so much that they started singing and dancing without rest until night. The other friars, unable either to sleep or to stop them, decided to close them in the upper room of the Abbey tower but the three never stopped and went on to dance and sing for days and nights.

Originally the restaurant was housed in the old abbey of Abbadia Isola in Siena, which became a culinary experimental laboratory of new Tuscan gastronomy. Today the new Legend of the Friars is located in Florence in the garden of Villa Bardini, which hosts permanent exhibitions such as the 90 dresses of the Capucci collection and paintings by Pietro Annigoni.

The stables have been converted into a restaurant, where you can dine outdoors while enjoying a panoramic view of Florence. Many of the place’s cult dishes are inspired by the recipes used by friars, such as the pici al pesto di dragoncello, a typical Tuscan pasta which is strictly hand made. Herbs for pesto are collected from a century-old garden annexed to the restaurant, from which you can enjoy an exclusive view of the Cathedral.

These ancient Tuscan aromatic herbs are mixed with great wisdom and result in a savvy interpretation that exalts these mouthwatering flavors and lets them produce magic in your mouth, while your eyes feast on architectural beauties.