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A selection of the best restaurants in Florence and nearby to try one of Tuscany’s most celebrated specialties.

In Florence, it’s just called steak, no need to specify “Florentine”. Don’t miss the chance to try it in Florence and its surroundings! These days there are all kinds of varieties, but a true steak is a cut of beef sirloin with the tenderloin, striploin and T-bone in the center. It’s about two fingers high, which is about 4 cm, and weighs between 800 and 1200 grams. The essential thing is that it be grilled just a few minutes per side. When it is cut the meat should be bloody in the center and well done on the surface. It goes with a simple salad, roast potatoes or a plate of beans dressed with top-quality oil. Of course, it is to be drunk with a robust red Chianti, all the better if vintage.

Here’s a round-up of ten places to try a Florentine steak. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which is best!

Let’s start at the always popular Latini in Via de’ Palchetti with its charming rustic decor and hanging prosciutto. For over 50 years, it has been serving tender grilled meat paired with an excellent wine list.

Another place to be sure to try in San Lorenzo is Mario in Via Rosina where you’ll find paper placemats, fast, casual service and have a good chance of sharing a table…and a big bottle of wine too with other patrons…and have a 100% chance of greatly enjoy your meal.

For an equally charming yet more refined atmosphere, try the ‘Chianina’ steak at Buca dell’Orafo in Via dei Girolami near Ponte Vecchio. Or head on over to Buca Lapi on Via del Trebbio by Palazzo Antinori to enjoy superb charcoal-grilled meat.

If you fancy a trip right out of town, go to lunch and sample Tuscan specialties including steak at the trattoria Da Burde in Via Pistoiese, or you could head to Lastra a Signa for the flavorful, tender meat of the Antica Trattoria Sanesi.

In Chianti, don’t miss out on the Padellina in Strada or the renowned Cecchini butcher shop/restaurant in Panzano. Buon appetito!