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Florentine craftsmanship on stage at The Mall Florence

From 9 September The Mall Florence hosts Italian Maestro, the initiative promoted together with the OMA Association – Art Professions Observatory – which has always been committed to safeguarding and promoting  quality Italian craftsmanship, with a series of live shows starring some of the best Florentine master craftsmen. 

This open laboratory seeks to enhance the industriousness and mastery of Italian craftsmanship, by enchanting visitors, but above all anyone who is increasingly looking into the customised excellence in pure Florentine tradition, from ergonomic eye-wear made entirely by hand in over 80 steps up to Grevi company hats – a historical brand established in Signa in 1875 and worn in a number of American films  such as Pretty Woman and Tea with Mussolini by great master Zeffirelli. 

The exhibit will let you admire the ancient Medicean art of the Florentine jewellery makers, who at stone’s throw from the Duomo of Florence, painstakingly turn semi-precious stones into unique masterpieces of great value. Pieces of furniture with an ancient taste but also coming in a modern version appear in the most glamorous houses in the world: this is the Bianco Bianchi scagliola, which in the noble and well-known Roman era were overwhelmingly successful. Another typical Italian piece of pride is paper with the typical Florentine decoration and colourful marbling technique that magically combines colours in the liquid surface of a tub. For an enchanting olfactory experience look for bespoke perfumes created together with master perfumer Sileno Cheloni, who chooses from over two hundred rare essences in his collection – one of the most intense creative moments of this event that is all about handmade beauty. Finally, there will be renowned Florentine goldsmiths and silversmiths, as well as masters in traditional tailoring who have become world icons.  

The Mall Florence is back to give voice to this precious heritage by becoming not only a shopping venue but also a cultural hot spot. With Florentine art craftsmen, Italian Maestro will provide an opportunity to talk about the beauty and prestige of traditional Italian handmade products day after day, through the masterpieces created throughout history that have become the pride of Tuscany, brought to you by The Mall Florence.