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Erika Boldrin lives in Milan and is a strong and determined woman: by the time she was five years old she already had very clear ideas about what she wanted to wear.

Having always been in love with fashion, on her blog, “My Free Choice“, she expresses her passion by sharing thoughts and moments of life. This is a blog full of photos, with different outfits, ranging from fabulous high-heeled shoes to comfortable trainers.

The unusual combinations, such as a sports top with a delicate lace shirt, may apparently not make sense, “though in the end they do have a sense,” because they give vent to creativity.

Erika takes us by the hand into her world of fashion, which is fresh and delicate, elegant and sporty, bright and chic. Let’s get to know her better.

What is your style, the outfit in which you feel most yourself, in your everyday life?

My style is very easy and comfortable: jeans and t-shirt with a pair of trainers.

We know that you take part in many fashion events: what is the most extravagant outfit you’ve seen lately?

A girl at a fashion show, probably a blogger. She was wearing a gala-style dress: the tulle skirt was very wide reaching to the feet. I found it overwhelming. Best to avoid something like that unless you are Anna dello Russo.

We are curious to know how much you are tied to fashion. Do you think it is possible to follow fashion without losing originality and style?

Yes, that’s my motto. It is possible to combine cult items of the moment without making a fool of yourself. It all depends on the way things are combined together and worn.

Tell us about the preparation of a shoot: from planning to completing the post.

I start from the accessories, specifically which shoes I want to wear; I build my outfit from there.

I admit that I think of it days before, but many times I happen to improvise.

The choice of location is random: in Milan is not easy to find a place with the perfect light, with few cars and people. When the photos are ready, I upload them on the blog and I write my thoughts about the outfit: what inspired me and my feelings.

Do you know The Mall Outlet? Have you ever been there?

Yes I know it, I went there two years ago. I think it is very nice and has wonderful brands.

I have to go out to dinner with a guy I like: help me make a good impression! What shall I wear? What make-up should I wear?

I always say that the best thing is to be yourself. If you’re a girl who rarely wears short dresses, then I would recommend a pair of jeans, a blouse and a blazer. Wear some jewellery, if you like it.

As for the make-up, I prefer a natural look and, I believe, the vast majority of men do too. Avoid heavy make-up, because it covers the natural beauty of the face. Use instead a light eye-shadow, a volumising mascara and a clear lipgloss. Again, the important thing is to be yourself.

Who is your style icon?

I have more than one: Christine Centenera, Emmanuelle Alt and Leandra Medine.

Which are the brands that you like the most amongst those on sale at The Mall?

I love Valentino, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent.

You are followed by many readers: do you feel like a bit of a style icon for them? What influence does this have on your everyday life?

No, I do not consider myself a style icon, but more of an influencer. Many people like my style and are inspired by it. I define myself as a normal girl who loves fashion and hopes to turn this passion into a definitive job.

What are your favourite blogs?

I find Men Repeller interesting.

Tell us about your plans: where do you see yourself in five years? And in 25?

I hope I will have fulfilled the dream of having a collection of my own and become a stylist for a fashion magazine.