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Books, theatre and coffee in Florence

Todo Modo is an indie bookshop in Florence offering over 20,000 titles and a wine shop. Todo Modo also offers lunches at Uqbar and becomes a theatre in the evenings. Todo Modo is a complete leisure offer, open every day in the historic centre.

“Todo modo para buscar la voluntad divina” (Use every way you can to find divine intentions) recommended the founder of the Society of Jesus Ignazio di Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises. In 1974 Leonardo Sciascia used the old saying as a title to a masterly novel about ruthless crimes. Forty years later, in modern Florence, Maddalena, Pietro, Marco, Paolo and Tommaso – none of them Jesuits or criminals – wanted to share their consuming passion for literature and thought up a dream that subsequently turned true: an independent bookshop, which seeks to safeguard printed material while offering the city an open space to meet and talk.

Todo Modo is a bookshop and wine bar in the heart of the Santa Maria Novella district in Florence. Over 20,000 titles fill the shelves, including books in foreign languages, illustrated books, classics, books for children, essays, and so much more. A stationery department with the Midori (Tokyo) and Papelote (Prague) brands sits behind the counter. Around the corner is the Uqbar wine shop. Different wines are proposed every day in combination with dishes conceived especially as an after-shopping experience in the local shops. Finally, the large reading room can be turned into the Todo Modo theatre with its wooden steps – a unique venue for meetings, performances, projections, concerts, workshops and seminars. 

Todo Modo is a place that was born from the heart and beats softly in the centre of Florence.