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A modern trattoria

Il Marzocco in Pietrasanta is a place not to be missed by foodies and art lovers alike. The menu is packed with influences from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, serving up creative concoctions that are just waiting to be enjoyed.

The memory and scents of the chef’s native Sicily; the rigor and international scene of Zurich in the 80s and 90s; the spontaneous creativity and passion for botany are tied together by a quest for originality that dominates every dish. All this merges in Il Marzocco in Pietrasanta, a place at the heart of the historic city center in Versilia. Although linked to its past, this modern trattoria is both evocative and original, with each ingredient finding its natural expression in a refined and innovative cuisine.

Each dish is inspired by childhood memories such as the cuccia –kennel, in pure Sicilian tradition, which is is eaten in memory of a devastating famine that in May 1646 brought hunger and misery to the island. The peasants and Sicilian people prayed to Saint Lucia, who interceded bringing a ship full of wheat into the port of Syracuse, while a white dove entered the cathedral as a harbinger. To commemorate the event, every year on 13 December it is still customary to eat boiled corn, seasoned with either ricotta and chocolate chips; honey and oil; or with cooked wine, chickpeas and carob beans. The addition of other secret ingredients has made it more modern, but it still remains a festive treat.