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All the international glamour you could wish for

Located in the centre of Florence, Hotel St. Regis has been a popular destination for experienced travellers since the 19th century. Within walking distance of the city’s historic sites, it offers an unparalleled experience in the cradle of the Renaissance.

Overlooking the Arno River and just a few steps from the city’s iconic monuments, such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia, the hotel is the emblem of the city’s rich history and the crucial phases of the social and architectural development of the Tuscan capital. 80 spacious rooms and 19 elegant suites with rich colours, specially designed frescos and opulent crystal chandeliers, make up the décor of The St. Regis Florence.

Throughout the 20th century many illustrious families and numerous famous writers who resided north of the Alps, loved to stay in large Florentine hotels and often chose the St. Regis Florence as a venue for their parties. This noble past is reflected in the elegant and elaborate decorations. The Winter Garden and the Sala delle Feste are particularly suited to events. The second is a French-style fin de siècle ballroom, inspired by the Sala Bianca in the nearby Palazzo Pitti. The Art Deco style winter garden was built in 1922 following a design by Ezio Giovannozzi.

In 1990, following detailed research on the architectural projects of the famous Florentine palaces Davanzati and Strozzi, a restoration plan was drawn up for the hotel. Rigorous techniques were adopted to best preserve the architectural and cultural integrity of the building.
Today, The St. Regis Florence ingeniously reflects the combination of a rich artistic past and a stimulating present, creating the ideal setting for unforgettable stays in Florence.

The St. Regis Florence offers one of the best selections of dining outlets in the city, whether you are looking for a quick refreshment, a cocktail or a traditional Italian meal in the Winter Garden by Caino restaurant, awarded with a Michelin star.