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Nine unique designer rooms

The Palazzetto Rosso Hotel offers a new concept of hospitality in Siena, with its nine rooms, each with its own character and style, making for a luxurious hotel within walking distance of Piazza del Campo and the Duomo.

The Palazzetto Rosso Hotel is housed in an ancient building made entirely of brick, which was probably an inn in the Middle Ages and therefore already welcomed travelers who came to Tuscany for business, as the region has always been a hot spot for trade. Its facade, made of bricks, is decorated with an arrangement of tiles of different types, according to the town planning regulations of the 13th century in Siena, forming larger geometric patterns in a herringbone pattern, like the flooring on Piazza del Campo.

By passing under an arch, you’ll discover the great hall of the Palazzetto Rosso Hotel entirely made of brick with ancient parts from various eras, collected by a former antiquarian, and now an integral part of the building. The arched ceiling is 6 meters high and the floor is covered with the ancient Etruscan city emblems, which are an integral part of the history of Siena, and have been artfully maintained and restored over time. On a pavement designed by 14ORAITALIANA, made of large gray tiles, a modern tone is also set by carefully selected furniture, including BISTRO black and white tables in the town’s traditional colours, signed by designer Luca Nichetto. Continuing along this majestic hall, visitors will find a brick monumental staircase leading to the bedrooms.

Adjacent to the staircase is a stone well with a carved well-head, topped by wrought iron work. A little further are two statues representing two wolves and the brothers Romolo and Remo, Rome’s legendary founders. A lift and folding corten staircase are at the end of the room where wi-fi is available, followed by a small staircase that leads to the cellars where wine tastings are held.