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The stars of Hollywood have always dictated fashion. Since they are always in the limelight, they only have to change an accessory in order to launch a trend!

A great number of trends have been launched by celebrities over the years. Actresses, singers and women in show business have always been an inspiration for their female admirers. Let’s take a look at the most famous trends.

Audrey Hepburn is an eternal style icon and her sophisticated and elegant look has become history. The trends launched by this actress are absolutely innumerable. Among them, the dancers worn with the cigarette pants still in fashion today: who hasn’t got at least one pair in their shoe rack?

Our own Raffaella Carrà with her volcanic energy, going totally against the trend, has become an authentic source of inspiration, starting from her blonde bob, to the fashion of showing off the navel, with a short top and low-slung slacks, which return from time to time.

More topical is the singer Rihanna who makes all kinds of combinations as far as the colour of her hair is concerned: sometimes straight, sometimes curly, her look changes continually and rarely does she make a mistake.  It was she who re-launched the rapper cap with the flat peak that has now become an unquestionable trend.

Miley Cyrus, the singer and actress who started with Hannah Montana, was greatly criticised for her drastic decision to change her chestnut bob for short, shaved platinum hair. Today, this summer trend is all the fashion and many girls cut their hair in the same way.

Which is your favourite trend?