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The ’forties style has invaded the catwalks and infected designers all round the world. Hair styles, make-up, the cut of garments and even accessories recall the fashion of the 1940s.

The suit is certainly typical of the period, nowadays reproposed in more modern terms. Menswear gives women a sensual, androgynous air: jacket-and-trouser suits, with wide shoulders, narrow waist and palazzo pants.

The ’forties style jacket-and-skirt suit, on the other hand, is very feminine. All the skirts are below the knee, flared and highlight the hips.  The well-structured jackets are narrow-waisted, giving character and definition to the silhouette.

Fabrics are thick and heavy, and most of the suits are of woollen thread, giving the garment a certain rigidity. The style recalls the New Look, invented by Christian Dior, with a tight-waisted corolla skirt, as we saw at the Lanvin fashion shows.

Colours are typical of the period and are perfectly suited to the autumnal season.

Among the colours proposed for the show, we find the whole chromatic range of brown, mixed with orange, hunter green, cream, dusky pink, various tones of beige and, of course, black.

Accessories are sophisticated, like the Mary Jane hat and shoes, producing a very feminine look. For a completely different and more serious style, women’s Oxford shoes are back in fashion.

Do you like the ’forties look?