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Hogan shoes, we know, besides being extremely comfortable, are decidedly beautiful and elegant. The Rebel line is one of the models best loved by fashionistas. The Hogan sneaker is not only top quality, but its style is young and trendy.

This is a classic model: a flat with rubber toe-guard, thin laces up as far as the ankle. This year’s collection aims at an absolutely sparkling style, for both men and women.

For women’s shoes, sequins are the absolute star on various models. A whole upper of sequins is not likely to pass unobserved. These models are available in silver, black and platinum.

More discreet is the model with just the ‘H’ logo that shines; the toe is pvc and the heel in red or beige suede.

For men, models look like boxing pumps, with a vast range. Colours include black, with the H sur ton, red, with a black label, brown with yellow laces or faded leather, to give that used look.

They’re also perfect for sports use, due to their anatomical insole and padding around the ankle to keep your foot stable.

As always, a top brand like Hogan never disappoints, don’t you agree? If you have a pair of Hogans, write and let us know in the comments.