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Spa resort in Tuscany

Grotta Giusti at Monsummano Terme is a gift of nature intended for man, boasting a hot steam bath in an exclusive path to the thermal cave.

Grotta Giusti is a 19th century villa in Monsummano Terme, once the country residence of Tuscan poet Giuseppe Giusti. In addition to the hotel, Grotta Giusti owes its reputation to its hot thermal waters, and in particular the Millennium Cave – the largest in Europe, defined by Giuseppe Verdi as “the eighth wonder of the world” – offering beneficial and cleansing steam baths, plus whirlpools and rejuvenating treatments.

The cave was discovered in 1849 by the quarry workers engaged in the properties of the Giusti family. In moving a boulder, they discovered a cavity that had so far remained unknown, which subsequently revealed hot vapors, stalactites and stalagmites, warm water pools and a unique atmosphere.

The Grotta Giusti hotel was reopened to the public last March followin renovation work which has made it even more charming and elegant. Restyling took place in the full respect of the place’s history, while using brighter colors and new materials to best enhance existing environments and furnishings. Among the elements that have been entirely revamped are the Giusti room, the Poet Bar, the reception and the La Veranda restaurant.
In addition to the renovated rooms, Grotta Giusti offers guests its historically famous treatments and wellness programs, including the thermal spa in the millennium cave, and the traditional thermal mud treatments. Grotta Giusti is the perfect place for a makeover while indulging in an atmosphere of well-being and total relaxation.