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Reinvent your wardrobe

Like every year, the Pantone colour of 2017 sets the trend for the season. This time it’s Greenery, coming in brilliant shades as an authentic breath of fresh air, making Greenery a symbol of new impulses.

The selection of a symbolic colour by Pantone gives fashionistas a colour snapshot of what is happening in our global culture and helps us express a state of mind and attitude.

Greenery is a green-fresh and sparkling yellow hue that evokes the first days of spring, when the infinite shades of green of nature awaken, and go back to being more beautiful than ever. Typical of the green and lush expanses of natural landscapes foliage, Greenery recalls the need to breathe clean air, inhaling fully and tapping into new life.

Greenery is the neutral colour in nature. The more people feel crushed by modern life, the stronger is their innate desire to immerse themselves in physical beauty and the harmony that is intrinsic in nature. This change is reflected in the spread of all that is expression of Greenery shades in our daily lives through the urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design choices. Usually relegated to the margins, today Greenery is back to the fore, establishing itself in ubiquitous shades, in every corner of the world.

Greenery, the shade that is a hymn to life, is emblematic of our search for personal passion and vitality. The neutral tones of PANTONE Greenery nature is a versatile colour, suitable for all seasons and that lends itself to many different combinations.