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The dreamer who wrote the history of Italian footwear

Today more than ever Sergio Rossi, the man who gave prestige to Made in Italy, must be remembered. A piece of the history of Italian craftsmanship goes away with him.

It was born in one of the beating hearts of the Italian footwear industry, in San Mauro Pascoli and he carries on the art handed down by his father from whom he learns the secrets of craftsmanship and the obsessive attention to detail.

He founded his company in 1951 and continues his philosophy: for him shoemaking was a continuous reflection on form, harmony and elegance.

His talent does not go unnoticed and after the opening of his company he begins to collaborate with fashion greats such as Gianni Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

The 80s represented the Italian and international rise through the opening of many mono-brand boutiques. In the 90s, with the acquisition by the Kering group, we witness the biggest renewal and further relaunch of the company.

The perfection of his shoes is partly recognized by the 215 craftsmen and collaborators: each shoe is subjected to at least 120 steps and about 14 hours of work before being packaged in a Sergio Rossi brand box.

Among the cult models of the brand we remember the Opanca sandals, designed for the first time in 1966 following the film “La dolce vita” by Federico Fellini, famous for the upper that wraps the foot becoming one with the upper part and the famous Godiva, the shoe-icon proposed every year in different colors and materials.

Reliving the entire history of Sergio Rossi in a functional and emotional way is now possible through the “Living Heritage” project, an archive of over 11,000 documents including drawings, look books, advertising and editorial images present inside the San Mauro Pascoli factory. The path is divided into three stages:

  • Galleria delle Forme where you can relive all the salient stages of Sergio Rossi‘s history through a selection of over 300 wooden forms among the most representative and innovative of the brand;
  • Living Archive an accurate conservation and consultation of the vintage collection: here the most beautiful stories of Sergio Rossi‘s production are kept, with 6000 models in the archive of which over 600 exhibited, ranging from the early 60s to 2004;
  • Living Emotions, the essence of the exhibition project, makes objects and shoes speak and make them protagonists, staging them with a scenographic and sensorial approach guided by a suggestive sound design.

Sergio Rossi was the reference brand and inspiration for many shoe designers who found in him an example to follow for strength, generosity and charisma.

No one could have imagined that shoemaker, who sold his summer sandals on the beaches of Rimini, would create a cult brand of this magnitude.

In this difficult moment the world of fashion loses one of its most brilliant representatives who have been able to transform his art into a job.