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Enjoy style signed by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is a byword for fashion, but not only. His unmatched elegance is to be found in the world of design and food alike, giving you a full-blown concept of beauty.

The Armani/Casa aesthetics is made of simple lines and perfect proportions, enriched with select materials, refined finishes and elegant fabrics. The minimalist style combined with harmonious inspirations and diverse design codes creates a sophisticated atmosphere. This selection of refined furniture for the home and office space, shares the design philosophy of the Armani/Casa collection, bestowing a somber elegance and simplicity upon any environment. Disciplined, linear and soft shapes express substance, safety and elegance, perfectly blending together and allowing for an idea of luxury stripped bare. The Armani household collection ranges from furniture to accessories, up to fabrics and decorations.

Armani/Dolci completes the expression of a lifestyle dedicated to the world of taste, showing how the passion for chocolate can blend with style. Launched in 2002, the line offers a refined selection of desserts with the unmistakable Armani signature. This unique taste experience combines delicacies and moreish chocolate, prepared with care by Italian masters in the art of chocolate processing, who use ancient traditional recipes and top range ingredients.
Armani/Fiori is another piece of lifestyle designed by Giorgio Armani. It offers a wide and rich choice, a great variety consisting in tropical and exotic qualities and more classic flowers in an elegant and timeless style matched with linear modernity. Armani/Fiori was born in 2000, bringing the essential taste and refinement of the Armani style to the world of flowers. Sophisticated compositions and details enclosed in elegant vases are assembled with pure lines and precious materials. The household modern design focuses on essential geometric shapes that complement any environment.