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Indie shorts

Giorgio Armani presents the third edition of the project dedicated to young directors and actors. The Films of City Frames initiative emphasizes the brand’s strong connection with the art world.

“Cinema, just like fashion, is a wonderful medium which is constantly renewed by the contributions of young talents who bring their unique and personal perspective. More than one reason makes me proud of the City Films Frames initiative: we have reached the third edition; we are represented at South by Southwest in Austin, a pioneering platform in terms of visual creativity; and we showcase stories with a powerful emotional content that are capable of capturing audiences. This edition also expresses a true multicultural message that I find particularly important at this historic moment” said Giorgio Armani.

This year’s mentor for students from all over the world is 26-year-old British actor Dev Patel, an incredible talent who had his breakthrough in 2008 with the role of Jamal Malik in Slumdog Millionaire, for which he obtained Academy nominations and, more recently, received a BAFTA and subsequently an Oscar for Lion. Many international schools selected to participate in this edition. The students were assigned the task of interpreting a collection of Giorgio Armani glasses Frames of Life, made up of classic silhouettes inspired by real life moments.

All these stories share a common denominator in the Frames of Life collection sunglasses, used as the main tool through which the lead characters observe the world, capturing emotions and new fashion experiences.