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Spring has sprung at last and you don’t need to leave the city to take a nice, relaxing stroll amidst the blossoming beauty! In the heart of Florence there are three magnificent gardens awaiting you, abounding in blooming plants with extraordinary views, not to mention art treasures. Discover Boboli Gardens, Bardini Gardens and the Rose Garden.

You can visit the Bardini and Boboli Gardens with a single ticket (free for Florence residents), which also includes the Silver and Costume Museums (inside Palazzo Pitti) and the Porcelain Museum (at the top of the garden). Boboli is a vast garden belonging to the Medici palace, Palazzo Pitti. Its original layout was made by simply excavating the hillside behind the palace that rose to the Forte di Belvedere. Many artists and architects worked on the gardens from the late sixteenth to the eighteenth century, rendering it the standard setter of an Italian-style garden, organized on a central line from which a magnificent series of walkways and spaces branch off. They are adorned with a lavish collection of sculptures with everything from Egyptian, Roman and Greek antiquities to contemporary art. The views of Florence from the Bardini Garden are perhaps even more amazing. It was built at the behest of the antiques dealer Stefano Bardini who lived in the villa facing it in the late nineteenth century. You can access the garden from Via dei Bardi or Costa San Giorgio. A lovely walk from here takes you to Piazzale Michelangelo, directly under which is the Rose Garden, built in the late nineteenth century in French style with terraces decked with many species of roses. Since 1998 there has been a Japanese garden space, and since 2011 ten bronze and two plaster sculptures by the French artist Jean-Michel Folon.