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Where to take care of good food

Florence is a city of art and also a point of reference when it comes to international cuisine. For some time now, it has also been home to some of the best restaurants serving vegan and gluten freefood. To experience food to the full, it is not just important to eat well, but also to treat one’s body well too.

The restaurant Quinoa for example, is the first in Florence to serve only gluten-free food. Situated in the courtyard of a 16th-century palazzo, Quinoa is a winter garden, surrounded by herbs and fruit trees. Here, diet specialists and the best chefs develop new recipes, transforming them to guarantee the sure knowledge of totally GF food with all of the flavours of traditional cuisine. Quinoa is firmly rooted in the culinary traditions of Tuscany, enhancing the local food panorama with the best international experience and adding taste and painstaking preparation to the production of its menu.

Brac on the other hand, was opened in 2009 as an experiment to combine food with a contemporary arts bookshop. The “bookshop with food” formula, a whole new thing for the city, combines vegetarian and vegan cuisine with art in all of its expressive forms (art, theatre, dance, film, and photography). Brac offers a vegetarian and vegan menu of freshly prepared dishes using seasonal ingredients. At the same time it also offers collections of books all about contemporary arts. The space and time period covers the last two decades. Inside the bookshop, one can look through and/or buy books on architecture and design, photography, film, videoart, theatre, dance, illustration and graphics, painting, sculpture, performing arts and comics.