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Colour palette

Spring and summer come tinged with shades and colours that are waiting to be discovered. Here are five unmissable trends.


In all its nuances, from nude to camel. Beige is the colour that dominates spring / summer 2019, a trend that began with the Riccardo Tisci show for Burberry in London and was continued by Fendi and many others. After seasons of strong colours and multicolour patterns, beige tells us about a new demand from fashion to talk about shapes and volumes. This repeat minimalism starts from warm shades that speak of nature and humanity.

Fire red

Fire red is universally recognized as a symbol of passion, energy and democracy. Red is a sensational and breathtaking colour, in make-up and wardrobe palette alike. You can’t go wrong with red, even in its strongest and most decisive nuances. Some brands have picked a unique nuance of red. Valentino have created their own shade, combining the primary colour with shades of intense orange to intensify its tone and saturation.

Living Coral

Living coral is this year’s colour according to Pantone. A rich, ubiquitous tinge that fills the real world and social media alike. The shade is full of vitality with a golden hint that infuses energy and vigour. Lively yet delicate, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral envelops us with warmth and affection, instilling comfort and optimism in a world that is constantly changing. It symbolizes our innate need for optimism and the search for joy, and represents our desire for playfulness.

Sporty white

The symbolic colour par excellence of summer, white communicates freshness, comfort and freedom. But it is also the symbolic colour of space conquests, a luminous shade that contrasts with the darkness of the universe. This year, white recovers its more technical side, presented in a pure, optical version, often used in technical, sports garments and high-performance fabrics.

Military green

A silent, versatile, deep colour. A colour that has been associated with historical and political events, capable of profoundly changing the taste of an era and its protagonists. The history of this nuance is very long, running through fashions and generations, a colour that comes directly from nature and its beauties.