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There are many, many films about stylists and the fashion world, and Valentino, The Last Emperor, is one of our favourites: an out-and-out documentary on Valentino Garavani’s last two years directing his house.

Matt Tyrnauer, the Vanity Fair journalist, directs this film, based on as many as 250 hours of footage, cut and edited to show the world the last moves of one of the most important Italian stylists.

Valentino, the Last Emperor was presented at the 65th Venice International Film Festival and was then projected at cinemas in Italy and the United States. It was much appreciated for highlighting many aspects of the stylist’s private and professional life.

In almost 100 minutes, we see all Valentino Garavani’s passion and love for his work, all the devotion used in designing and looking after every tiny detail, for both garments and the accessories that complete his outfits.

This full-length feature film records the whole of Valentino’s career, also thanks to the participation of his life-companion and colleague Giancarlo Giammetti, who has always managed the more technical and practical aspects.

A perfectly balanced couple both in their lives and in the professional field, they have always been mutually supportive in creating the top fashion empire we know today, from the very start up to the moment of leaving the limelight.

Valentino: the creative dreamer capable of producing wonderful and unforgettable dresses. Giancarlo: the rational and calculating side who chooses the venues for the shows and deals with the administrative business.

This is a film you must absolutely see, even if you know little about this fascinating and apparently frivolous world. Have you already seen it? Did you like it? Send us your comments!