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Materia Prima, the 6th edition

Materia Prima is back! The festival of Contemporary Theatre in Florence, curated by the cultural association Murmuris, arrives this year at the sixth edition.

From 7 March to 13 April, on the stage of the Teatro Cantiere Florida, live arts and plays will tell stories about myths, classical drama and new authors. The audience will be involved during Materia Prima with training courses and meetings with the artists of the festival.

Materia Prima is a festival that is known as a space for dialogue between artists and audience, on a national and international scale. It’s a rich journey through the stories of ancient myths, events and original dramaturgy of the most significant artists of the contemporary scene. A special focus will be dedicated to women, to their work as directors and playwright. Murmuris devotes space and time to emerging companies also thanks to a vital confrontation with the public, made up of meetings between spectators, artists and operators, with open trials and debates, in an attempt to eradicate an idea of spectacle as a product to be enjoyed and to consume in favor of theatre as a process of participatory creation. Materia Prima 2019 hosts 6 of the most interesting performances of the year, an Israeli-Palestinian production in collaboration with the Middle East Now Festival 2019 which this year celebrates its 10th edition.

The festival also offers insights and meetings with the public, training workshops, opportunities for dealing with other Italian theatrical residences. Among the directors of the sixth edition of Materia Prima: Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Roberto Latini, Stefano Cordella, Marta Cuscunà; Concita De Gregorio and Massimo Sgorbani among the authors, PierGiuseppe Di Tanno (Ubu Award best actor under 35), Gaia Saitta, Cinzia Spanò and Francesco Errico among the actors.