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Music, theater and dance

Genoa, in synergy with the National Theater, created the exhibition of arts and cultures “International Festival of Nerves” in which great concerts, dance performances and theater will enchant the public, re-launching the Parks. The key element of this new and spectacular exhibition – which has its roots in the excellence of Nervi’s history – is the alternation between the ballets performed by high-profile classical dance companies, the refined encounters between pop music and author and the evocative notes of the Orchestra of the Teatro Carlo Felice and the prose performances that will see great artists of the show as protagonists.

A list of names of great quality and absolute value that can put Genoa at the center of the music and dance scene at national and European level. A summer festival that will have as theater Villa Grimaldi Fassio and the surrounding area for an area of 8 thousand square meters: a natural arena overlooking the sea, a unique setting to live and share. The event will be held in the Parchi di Nervi, in the area in front of the eighteenth-century Villa Grimaldi Fassio, now home to the museum that houses the Frugone Collections, covering a total area of 8,000 square meters. The area – a spectacular natural arena sloping towards the sea – proved to be the most suitable for hosting the event, not only for its beauty in itself, but also and above all for technical and logistical reasons.

With English lawns, palm trees and other rare and precious trees, fountains, rose gardens, the Parks are designed to recall the refined lives of the aristocratic owners of the past. Inside there are very suggestive corners, thanks to the presence of wonderful gardens. Strolling along the green paths of the parks leads to the Capolungo cliff and an extraordinary panorama over the Golfo Paradiso and the Portofino promontory. The Anita Garibaldi promenade, over a kilometer of terrace overlooking the sea, between the Parks and the rocks, will make you fall in love with the Genoese sunsets.