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Fendi is for…

Nobody can resist the Fendi fashion appeal. To be superfendi every day, the Roman brand has drawn up a real manifesto, a source of everyday inspiration.

The Fendi Maison was founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Rome in 1925. A small leather goods boutique was opened with a fur workshop. Fendi immediately gathered huge consent, emerging for its elegance, craftsmanship, innovation and style. In 1965, the collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld began and continues today.

Fendi is not only a fashion brand, but also a place where ambitious projects and lucky encounters take place. Fendi unites the commitment of the Maison to creativity in all its forms, from collections to architecture to ever-changing installations, created in collaboration with several emerging artists. For these reasons Fendi Manifesto is born, a collection of phrases that represent a real modus vivendi, according to Fendi. Here are some phrases from the Fendi Manifesto:

Please keep your list of restaurants you’d like us to visit, with ratings, stars and relatable reviews. Please keep your vacations and tourist traps that only our parents would post on facebook.
Please keep old world monuments we’ve seen in every last airport postcard.
Please keep your hit-list of what you call “cool” kitche-y and “wacky” – they don’t belong to us.
We deserve authenticity
We want quality
We want more than what’s offered
We want something that’s ours.