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Fendi celebrates its 90th anniversary

Since its beginnings Fendi has elevated furriery with matchless originality and quality. This revolution was made possible by avant-garde techniques, tireless research, brand new processes and creative virtuosity that have all transformed the fur into a modern, luxury object of desire.

In 2016 Fendi is celebrating 50 years of Karl Lagerfeld’s creative direction, debuting during Paris Haute Couture fashion week. Silver Moon, the first Haute Fourrure collection is the highest expression of the Maison’s creativity and savoir-faire in the fur trade since 1926. Imaginary birds, feathers, embroidery and of course, furs create surprising, unexpected mixes. Clean-cut, graphic lines become waves using optical and geometric effects, both on the furs and on the sculpted heels of shoes and boots. A spiral Roman column serves as yet more inspiration, standing as the profound ties between the Eternal City and the origins of Maison Fendi.

This event is a unique opportunity for us to express our roots, our bold creativity and the highest level of the workmanship for which we have always stood out in fur,”, says Pietro Beccari, president and CEO of Fendi. “Rome is a magical city and it perfectly represents Fendis values, its tradition and its history, all while keeping our eyes firmly on the future.

The Silver Moon raises fur to new heights, with breath-taking embroidery and expert use of feathers. The most sophisticated artisan techniques used by Fendi to create its furs have been even further enhanced with the most incredible embroidery, entirely by hand and created in conjunction with Haute Couture ateliers in Paris. The very best of Made in Italy comes together with the very best of Made in France, and the result is an incredibly important creative process.