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Men’s fashion for autumn-winter 2018

Corneliani’s elegance is a matter of instinct, an all-Italian savoir-faire offering unmatched style in the autumn-winter 2018 collection.

The Corneliani selection for the cold season is inspired by instincts and raw feelings. Memories come from life’s highlights, moments that leave their mark and create an unbreakable bond with a particular emotion or a special place. Sometimes the corner of a street, a square or an alley will unleash a world of memories and emotions. The memorable moments of life are inexorably linked to small details, like with the garments we wear in those special moments, enriching our experience of elegance and refinement.

Corneliani has always remained faithful to himself and his origins, capable of making Savoir-Faire flourish into Savoir-Vivre, ready to evolve while maintaining a common thread throughout the seasons, expressed through elegance and quality. Corneliani lets men express the best of Italian culture, showing that true style can be effortless. The city of Mantua embodied these values for Corneliani. Refined and beautiful; discreet; practical and Nordic; Mantua was also surprisingly gentle and was above all the place where it all started. Elegance transpires from men’s gait as well as the garments they wear. Corneliani put this knowledge into the commitment and desire to surpass himself, coupled with an all-Italian passion.