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Today’s most happening hairstyle comes straight from Hollywood

And it’s all Karlie Kloss‘s fault! The American supermodel has tormented hairstylists around the world by sporting an uneven bob that has quickly turned into a gotta-have-it look for everyone. But how many of you are really ready to make the cut to get Karlie Kloss’s bob? We all know that the saying “Fortune favors the brave” is completely wrong when it comes to hair. So why take a risk when there’s another choice?

Yep, not even Hollywood stars give up their flowing locks easily. So they’ve invented a new style that has become an insta-trend: the “faux bob,” putting up your hair in a natural, soft style that simulates a bob.

It’s easy to do, handy for a special occasion or just to see how you would look if you really cut your hair.

The technique depends on the hairstyle you are starting with and your hair type.

The idiot-proof technique is curling your hair with a curling iron or with curlers. Curls are easier to shape and you avoid a disheveled look.

After making a ponytail, leave the rubber band very close to the tips, turn it under towards the neck and then pin them with bobby pins or barrettes. If you have a lot of hair and want to make a stable base, you can make a bun with the lower part of your hair and pin the tail made with the upper part. Easy, huh? Go ahead and try it!