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Wine has always been synonymous with conviviality and cheer, because it blends so perfectly with the pleasures of food, which must be why this age-old drink has for some time now been raising interest and curiosity in the celebrity world.

Film stars, fashion stylists, top managers, singers and businessmen are increasingly choosing to invest in vast agricultural estates and launch top brand wines on the market.

In 2008, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie acquired the Miraval estate in the south of France, which lends its name to their rosé wine. Offered for sale on the Internet last Spring, six thousand bottles were sold in the twinkling of an eye! In view of its enormous success, Brad and Angelina have decided to start producing white and red Miraval, which will go on sale in 2014.

Ilaria Venturini Fendi has personally followed, looked after and produced  her Buonanima wine, grown on the island of Ponza in the vineyard owned by the Fendi family. Only a chosen few get a chance of tasting it at the restaurant I Casali del Pino, not far from Rome, also founded by Ilaria Venturini Fendi.

Tuscany is also a flourishing resource for Roberto Cavalli who, together with his son Tommaso, manages the Tenuta degli Dei at Panzano in Chianti, as also for Ferruccio Ferragamo who produces more than one hundred thousand bottles of wine each year at his estate at San Giustino Valdarno.

The wine business has also for some time now been the passion of the Marzotto family, major textile producers, who are so fond of good wine that they own several vineyards in the Veneto region, Lombardy and Sicily.

Many famous musicians have also decided to invest in the food and wine industry, like Sting, ex-vocalist of the Police, and now a producer of wine, oil and honey, or Gianna Nannini, who has as many as three labels: Chiostro di Venere, Baccano and Rosso di Clausura, all made from Sangiovese grapes.

Lastly, even the busy photographer and great communicator Oliviero Toscani has opened an agricultural business at Casale Marittimo, near Pisa.

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