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Garments, accessories and pairings for perfect style

A brief guide to the must-have pieces and style advice for the over-40s wardrobe: regardless of the season, tips and tricks for staying feminine and fascinating from morning to night.

  • Jeans: choose the ones you like best. Skinny, mom jeans or seventies style are all fine. They shouldn’t be too low-waisted, and preferably not ripped. The difference lies in the accessories: sneakers only if they’re sought-after limited editions, décolleté pumps, mules or ankle boots with a medium heel. A small, well-judged bag, proportional to the teen mood of the jeans.
  • Skirt: this can be straight and tight or long and full, as long as the hem never goes too far above the knee. Although… our own Monica Bellucci is fabulous in a black leather miniskirt, disproving the theory.
  • Two pairs of trousers are essential: one dark (black, navy or brown) and one beige. White is lovely, especially in the middle of winter.
  • Collect blouses of every colour and print, but they must be silk or poplin.
  • The craziest unconventional combinations, like t-shirt and leather jacket, are allowed, but should be paired with something classic.
  • Define your look with jewellery and accessories, so these become your distinctive feature. Avoid multicoloured plastic bangles and necklaces; it’s better to go for a chain and a pendant with your initials or a lucky medallion.
  • Regarding bags, you need a couple of basic models that can be used every day and contain everything you need, from snacks for the kids to your work iPad. Let your hair down in the evenings with more showy, over-the-top bags.
  • Patterns are allowed but should be small: they’re a sign of joy and lightheartedness, but they should always add something to your image. Say no to psychedelic patterns and tie-dye, but marbled prints are fine (and even worn by Jennifer Lopez). Classic patterns (like stripes or spots) are ok, but only when updated and mixed with elegance and a sense of fun. Abandon the blue and white sailor look and choose a pastel Vichy print or a delicate mélange.