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The most elegant women ever

Fashion icons have always made lovers of fashion and glamor dream. Women who have marked the world of fashion and taught us to go beyond trends and time. Let’s dive into the past together with our favorite muses who are still today an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Audrey Hepburn
If we talk about elegance it is impossible not to mention her. Impeccable even with simple black trousers and ballet flats: every outfit is perfect and full of charm. Her femininity emerges in each apparition echoing for eternity.

Grace Kelly
The innate class of Grace Kelly has always conquered everyone. Beautiful and regal with any dress, on the big screen and as a princess: she managed to unleash charm in every appearance.

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot’s style embodies a strong and extremely free character. The looks she wore in the 60s are still current and highly copied today: from the striped marine shirt to the straw hats. She has been a source of inspiration for entire generations.

Coco Chanel
The personality that revolutionized the fashion world: strong, fashion and ambitious. Her creations have changed the way women dress and the women themselves, emancipating them from an opulent form and focusing on practical elegance. Coco: style.

Jacqueline Kennedy
The solid color suits worn by Jackie O are a piece of American history. An icon that has made color her strong point: each apparition has been a lesson on bon ton, embodying the feminine and glamor ideal of the American upper middle class.

Jane Birkin
Unconventional and with a chic but irreverent note: this is Jane Birkin. In France in the 70s, her looks, sensual but never vulgar, make her a real influencer before they even existed.