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So many things have been said about fashion. Many are critical of the fashion structure and whatever turns around it. In actual fact, we are dealing with a highly important sociological phenomenon whose origins are unknown, but which directly or indirectly involves everyone.

Here are some of the best ever sayings about fashion. Let’s see what stylists, tailors, sociologists, psychologists and those in the know think about it.

Fashion is so insupportably ugly that it has to change twice a year. (Oscar Wilde)

Either you are a work of art, or you wear one. (Oscar Wilde)

There’s only one major fashion: youth. (Leo Longanesi)

God made the female, but tailors made the woman. (Petigrilli)

Gabrielle Chanel not only gave us her inimitable style, but also words of wisdom on fashion, both sophisticated and biting:

Fashion is made in order to become out of fashion.

If you’re born without wings, never do anything to prevent them from growing.

A man can wear what he wants: he will always be a woman’s accessory.

Fashion passes, style remains.

I don’t make fashion; I am fashion!

Not bad, eh? But we haven’t finished.

She says she follows fashion, but evidently she has difficulty in catching it up (Giovanni Soriano)

You never say too much or too little with a black sheath dress. (Karl Lagerfeld)

Over the years I’ve learned that what’s important in a dress is the woman who wears it. (Yves Saint Laurent)

You can never be too careful in choosing shoes. Too many women think they’re unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what she wears on her feet. (Christian Dior)

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. (Marilyn Monroe)

And to end with, an emblematic saying we should all adopt, from the wonderful Sophia Loren:

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the conviction that she is beautiful.

If you found these aphorisms on fashion amusing, add any you may have heard that have struck you, or a saying you find emblematic of fashion. You can write a comment below.