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Trends and colors for the next season

How will we dress this winter? What are the new essentials for next season? From the February catwalks we have seen many new trends, but which ones will hit the streets? Here is a mini guide of what we would like to have in our closet.

The women’s wardrobe will fill with sequins, fringes and metallic details of chains. The volumes also change: cocooning maxi coats and extra large collars. In the past fashion shows the protagonists were pastel shades and earth tones, this season the bright colors are back in a monochromatic version.

Fringes are definitely the main focus of Fall Winter 2020, they create movement in every outfit and give lightness to the silhouette. Skirts with fringes, more or less thick, will be a real hit: we will find them declined in any fabric and on all wardrobe items, including the most elegant ones.

The puffed, extra large, balloon sleeves have been confirmed as a trend for some years and we will continue to wear them even in winter. Wear them with a tricot vest, in the Northern European fashion addicts style, who anticipate the cold season.

The colors are saturated and bright, with a preference for electric blue. A trend that meets leather: accessories and  jackets will be essential to have a distinctive trait.

For retro style lovers, hoods and capes are back, in any size and shape: main outerwear outfit that will make your daily dressing sophisticated.

Chains become the must-have accessory, applied from shoes to clothes, from bags to glasses. Fashion adapts to new needs, so here comes the bottle-bag, the fetish and very green accessory that we will see show off by fashion victims. Because nothing in this season will be cooler than attention to the environment.