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An ode to male simplicity

Etro is a composite and multifaceted universe in the fashion world. A sublime tradition in textile manufacturing is enriched by exclusive patterns and defined by a unique and inimitable style. A family that produced textile and fashion art even before it became a recognised form of expression boasted an ever-changing creative vision that never stopped feeding on references to beauty, feelings and art.

Etro chose to be inspired by nature with the signature paisley pattern that has become the unequivocal symbol of the fashion house. Paisley, the sinuous palm on which the Etro tradition thrives, is a very old decoration, rich in history and meaning. The design migrated from east to west, from Indian prints to Celtic embroidery. Etro has been capable of exploring and reinterpreting the classic foliage through experiments and technology. Arnica is the Etro Paisley of choice, inspiring the private collections towards the distinctive Etro brand symbol. The Paisley pattern, in five different colours – red, turquoise, yellow, green and ivory – is the Etro brand icon par excellence.

Nature’s call is the driving force in the narrative of the 16-17 Etro Fall Winter season. Interiors are decorated by an infinite Paisley pattern and heated by a fireplace, with family portraits in which the love for pets creates a unique homely and protective feeling, with the men’s collection showing a perfect balance of formal and informal wear.

Refined, gentlemanly velvet meets colour, original camouflage effects embellish coats and safari jackets, while soft cashmere jumpers add an original casual touch to the style. Fine cashmere; bright floral embroidery; precious jacquard paisley; tartan patterns with delicate decorations and bright colours fill this powerful atmosphere, binding man to the universe and rediscovering nature’s pulse and the animal world.