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A homage to design and fabric


Etro began as a brand in 1968: Jerome “Gimmo” Etro, a great traveller with a background in economics, he founded his own haute couture and prêt-a-porter textile company. Maintaining the traditional quality of patterns, Etro adds a contemporary touch with daring colours and innovative combinations.

Initially, the production focused on precious furniture fabrics such as cashmere, linen and cotton, boasting original designs and innovative hues. In the 80s, however, the production grew to include bags and perfumes, up until the 90s, when Etro became synonymous with ready to wear fashion for men and women.

Today the brand is headed by his four children who continue to take forward the Etro style, characterised by a passion for travel, history, exoticism and culture.

The Etro collections are exclusive and distinguished by the originality of the materials, patterns and prints. Etro draws inspiration from different places of the earth, with Paisley as the brand’s signature fabric, with origins as old as Mesopotamia, where it symbolised the sprout of the date palm, the tree of Life. Nature but also man and art are the core elements of the high-end fashion and ready-to-wear brand, which highlights the quality of fabrics and shapes pressed for the creation of clothes evident in the mix of environments and cultures.

The echoes of a delicate ballet universe are reflected in the Etro Women’s Spring Summer Silhouette 16. Ethereal, fluid and undefined lines enclose the power and sensuality of contemporary romanticism, where the clothes slide on the body, supporting the movement and taking life with gestures.

The Etro Men’s Spring Summer 16 collection focuses on colour that emanate elegance and originality, in a perfect blend of sartorial tradition and contemporary details. The iconic paisley pattern appears and disappears between creases, creating unusual camouflage effects as a homage to nature’s patterns.