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Face the cold with style

Ermenegildo Zegna blends excellent Italian craft with a collection dedicated to the unusual combination of formal and casual garments. A tribute to a man’s wardrobe, where great style is revealed with elegant nonchalance.

Ermenegildo Zegna collections interpret a contemporary lifestyle, combining the best of technology and tradition. The result is a new attitude, a casual yet elegant formula, in step with the needs of present-day men.

Since 1910 Ermenegildo Zegna has lead international men’s fashion – Italian sartorial style and impeccable quality fabrics make for a unique taste that is expressed in the formal interpretations signed Ermenegildo Zegna. The result is a perfect balance between innovation and comfort both in the Zegna Sport collection and in the brand’s trendy ZZegna line.
Iconic and novel items are designed to face the bitter cold without giving up on style. Winter is indeed one of the seasons that most allows us to create interesting textures and surprising outfits – warm cream-coloured sweaters, salt and pepper shirts, structured jackets and signature outerwear.

The Icon Warmer jacket and Techmerino fabric undoubtedly dominate the new line. Graphics, embroidery and unusual patterns pervade easy-care fabrics, T-shirts with iconic prints and practical jackets that boast integrated wearable technology. The iconic pentagon Z Zegna, repeated throughout the collection, stands out in a palette of autumn colours, where blue, grey and dark green are combined with dark orange.

Versatile garments become everyday wear in this new Z Zegna collection that reflects a modern balance between a chilled attitude and a cosmopolitan flair. The famous jackets Icon Warmer Z Zegna has evolved by adding a pure beaver wool coat beside the opaque nylon jacket. The innovative warming system provides protection right from the first autumnal days up to the coldest winter frost in a single solution.