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Ermenegildo Zegna, famous for his great menswear tradition, has launched a magificent limited collection of ties. Once again, the stylist has pressed the button on a surprising creative machine.

Ties Around The World: this is the name of the line that’s selling like hot cakes.

13 ties are on sale at the e-shop and can be found in several boutiques around the world. They are all on display at all Ermenegildo Zegna outlets.

Each tie, with its own particular fabric – all in pure silk, represents the distinguishing features of one of 13 famous cities, scattered over the globe.

For the American continent, Las Vegas, New York and Mexico City.

In Europe we find London, Zurich, Rome, Milan, Venice. Rome is represented by the Quirinal Palace, Venice by a gondola and Milan, obviously, by its Cathedral.

For Asia and Oceania: Macao, Hong Kong and Shanghai, passing via Tokyo and Beijing.

Each tie is made special, bearing a special label that identifies the related city.

Each tie has its own particular knot: the model Andrea Preti and the tutorials published on the Ermenegildo Zegna site make it simple to follow the steps required to tie it.

The Hanover knot, simple and elegant, has been assigned to the Rome tie, while the more complicated Grantchester knot is used for the Shanghai tie.

This collection tempts all lovers of particular, rare and beautiful designs, from men who like classical elegance to real dandies.

All 13 ties have been available on site since November, but you can also find them in some special Ermanegildo Zegna boutiques.