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One of the most beautiful women in the world to perform on the screen was certainly Grace Kelly, a splendid style icon who remains a source of inspiration for so many women, as well as many of Europe’s queens and princesses.

Grace Kelly was not only beautiful and charismatic, as well as being a wonderful actress, but had the good fortune to meet the love of her life, Prince Rainier of Monaco.

A simple but sophisticated beauty, with a delicate, classical taste. Her career in the cinema was brief but intense. She was Hitchcock’s favourite actress, with whom he won an Oscar. Every film and every red carpet was a fashion show, but never once betraying any vulgarity.

She is known to history as the woman with the best gown ever worn on the night of the Oscars, the aquamarine dress designed for her by the well-known stylist Edith Head.

To marry her prince, she had to abandon the cinema which, however, accompanied her right to the altar. The future Princess of Monaco chose her stylist Helen Rose to design and make her wedding dress, a gift from Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

Always perfectly at ease in her fabulous dresses, the Princess usually wore a row of pearls, a scarf knotted under her chin and a little Hermes handbag, the distinctive features of her look.

The same little bag that Grace was so fond of was renamed Kelly, in honour of the Princess of Monaco. In 1966, Gucci designed the scarf Flora especially for her and today the same pattern is also used for several handbags, while the name Flora has also been given to a fragrance.

Icon of the New Look, of dresses with a corolla silhouette, and of the upper class, Grace Kelly is the symbol of eternal, unique and wonderful beauty.

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