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Emilio Pucci takes us on a trip around the world with the “Cities of the world” collection

What happens when Emilio Pucci‘s easy, vibrant style meets the precision of architectural design? The “Cities of the World” project happens.

Taking inspiration from the Battistero scarf from 1957, which portrayed Florence’s Piazza Santa Maria del Fiore — the focus of another project this June — the Florence-based Pucci cast its eye to some of the world’s most exciting cities and filtered them through the strong lines and classic hues of Pucci’s palette. Florence, Rome, Shanghai, New York, Paris and Hong Kong are the “Cities of the World” starring in the scarves made of fine Como silk, with the hems rolled and hand-sewn.

Each print, hand drawn in Pucci’s atelier, recreates a stylized but specific version of the architecture, landscapes and enchanting details of these cities, from Rome’s Spanish Steps to Shanghai’s skyline and an aerial view of Central Park.

The scarves can be bought on their own or as an “Limited Edition Collector’s Set” including the first six cities shown. If you want to put on these high-fashion “postcards,” come to Emilio Pucci‘s boutique in the The Mall outlet, nearby Florence.