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Together for the devotion bag

The Devotion Bag by Dolce&Gabbana is an object of desire and the lead player in the collaboration with ELLE and Condé Nast, who have offered their personal interpretation. Love at first sight turns ever more romantic by celebrating Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Geneva, Liang and Zhu. There are now two new characters, the drone and the Devotion Bag.

The Devotion Bag, traveling beyond dimensional boundaries, lands on Earth as if from a dream, making its appearance while carried by mechanical angels. Driven by the wings of a drone, it flies in front of the audience’s incredulous eyes at the Fall Winter 2018-19 fashion show. Like the miracle of an unexpected meeting, this dream becomes reality, with a contagious charm that has captured everyone’s attention. When love goes beyond the boundaries of time and space, is limitless and lives of eternity, it becomes devotion.
Just like the undisputed and unconditional devotion of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to style, work, detail, religion, and the essence of fashion itself, which is made of craftsmanship, sense of belonging, passion and creativity. All this is a form of pure love that is narrated by their timeless creations.
Attention to detail, respect for craftsmanship, care for proportions, the love of elegance, contrasts, fabrics, colors, quality, refined materials, and all that is made in Italy. These values translate into a devotional cult, and are a defining part of the aesthetics and imagination of Dolce & GABBANA.

The brand’s sacred heart is a metal frieze made of brass and copper, with the same technique that is used in jewelry processing. It is embellished by an antique golden tone and closes the Devotion jewel bag. The central heart, embellished with a miniature DG logo, is framed by pearls and leaves, evoking sacred traditional decorations.