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A fortunate encounter of art and fashion

Every story has its initial moment. Stories that recount inspirations, conversations, dialogues and meetings: these are the moments that Ermenegildo Zegna intends to tell with the Defining Moments project, now in its second edition.

This time Ermenegildo Zegna has invited some of the most influential people from across the world to share stories about their decisive moments. Throughout their lives they faced challenges, took risks and overcame difficulties that made them who they are now. Every man has his own stories to tell, his own way of life and a defining style.

Ryuhei Matsuda is one of the best young Japanese actors, known for his roles in films such as Taboo and Nana. Ryuhe describes how fundamental it is for him to capture the moment, all those choices that give meaning to life.

A choreographer and dancer, Benjamin Millepied is the founder of L.A. Dance Project and was director of the Paris Opera Ballet. “My arrival in New York was memorable. I had never seen so many great dancers all together. That was where I wanted to be. In this city you’re always gazing upwards” says Benjamin Millepied, who started dancing as soon as he started walking.

Defining moments are also those of young actor Qu Chuxiao, an energetic and fashionable character who has rapidly become a great screen hero across China.

Niran Vinod’s world –combining design, photography and technology to create virtual communities – also has a definign moment, when he started managing Instagram’s creative strategy.

Wu Xiubo is an actor, musician and producer and another key player in Ermenegildo Zegna’s Defining Moments. He is famous for portraying Xinjie Liu, the star of the Chinese TV series Before the Dawn, and for acting in many successful films.

Finally, together with Albert Hill, expert architecture critique and businessman Matt Gibberd founded The Modern House, a company specializing in the sale of high-end properties. Their Defining Moment was when they realized that architecture can touch your innermost feelings.