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The Marquis’ timeless fashion

Marquis Emilio Pucci’s fashion always leaves its mark, and to this day the fashion house manages to make us daydream with its opulent and vibrant style.

The collection for winter 2017-2018 by Emilio Pucci is all about sport. Sport and everything to do with it, from performance to social events. Emilio Pucci’s visual and inventive legacy is encompassed in this collection, from garments to accessories and leather goods. Yet this year, Marquis Pucci’s parameters are reinterpreted and updated. The colours are inspired by the historical palette of the Florentine fashion house: pink, blue, yellow, white, orange, silver, black, green and red. The garments are reinterpreted in a contemporary way: the quilts are soft, while woollen coats are worn with leggings in zipped jersey, jackets come in voluminous sizes and are cut to art, revealing tight-fitting suits.

Bouclé wool sweaters are inlaid and become sporty mini-dresses. The Maison’s classic patterns can’t go amiss, but this time are turned into camouflage, alpine landscapes, lunar scenes and geometrical shapes that intersect with the super fast pace of a sport competition on the ski slopes.

To this day, Pucci’s fashion speaks of a modern and distinctive femininity. The new look that has marked Emilio Pucci’s collections for some years continues to pay tribute to the revolutionary impact of the Marquis’s fashion. A winter of experimentation, innovation in both concept and form. Garments and accessories are embellished with relief roses and laser cut decorations, a sign that when history meets technology, Emilio Pucci gives life to real works of art.