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“Heroes” di Masayoshi Sukita  

Heroes – Bowie by Sukita, is an exhibition dedicated to David Bowie, the icon of pop culture, portrayed by the undisputed master of Japanese photography Masayoshi Sukita.

Palazzo Medici Riccardi, the fifteenth-century residence of the Medici Family, houses the images depicting the White Duke, one of the most significant artists in the history of contemporary culture who has been able to elevate rock music to an art form. Florence with this exhibition pays homage to Bowie, opening the doors to one of its palaces among most rich in history and charm. Ancient and modern come together letting visitors see the splendid work that Sukita has dedicated to the artist Bowie and friend, but also to visit the prestigious building, with a single ticket. 

The collaboration between Bowie and Sukita started in 1972 when the photographer arrived in London to portray Marc Bolan and the T-Rex. The photographer remembers: “Seeing David Bowie on stage opened up my eyes to his creative genius. I watched Bowie perform with Lou Reed and it was so powerful, Bowie was different to the other rock and rollers, he had something special that I knew I had to photograph”.  Over the years, Bowie and Sukita worked together on almost every occasion when the former was in Japan or where the photographer travelled to the United States; but the more intimate and personal photo sessions soon followed the studio shoots, such as the one held in Kyoto in 1980, in days of pure bliss. The private relationship established between the two, fuelled by a rich cultural interchange, brought to life some of the most famous images that portray Bowie, which also show his truest nature.

In the rooms of the ground floor of Palazzo Medici Riccardi you will admire the iconic shots that illustrated the cover of the album HEROES, and historical photographs taken from Sukita’s personal archive that tell of a friendship that began in the 1970s. 90 photographs, some of which are shown in a national preview, retrace a partnership that lasted over 40 years between Bowie, one of the most revolutionary artists of the twentieth century and the artist photographer Sukita.

© Photo by Sukita 2019