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International Photographic Festival

The 8th edition of the Cortona On The Move International Photography Festival will run from 12 July to 30 September 2018.

Like every year, dozens of exhibitions will be located between the historic centre of the city and the Medici Fortress of Girifalco. Exhibitions, events and meetings with the cream of the crop will be showcased in Cortona. Cortona On The Move is a contemporary photography festival with a solid foundation in tradition and a continuous interest in future developments.

Female photographers play lead role in this edition, including Israeli photographer Elinor Carucci with Getting Closer, Becoming Mother, which is about intimacy and family, where she recounts her experience as a woman and mother in a long-term photographic project; a very different narrative is the one told by Jordanian Tanya Habjouqa, who with Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots explores the personal and family experience of Syrian women refugees in neighbouring Jordan. To make Fallout, Singaporean documentary photographer Sim Chi Yin was commissioned by the Nobel Peace Prize Center to travel 6,000 kilometres along the border between China and North Korea and through six of the United States, creating a series of images that tell the experiences of men, past and present, in relation to nuclear weapons. Exploring the theme of uniqueness and diversity of each person, the connection between the inner and outer world is the subject chosen by young Russian photographer Alena Zhandarova for her Puree with a Taste of Triangles; while Jennifer Greenburg’s Revising History is a study on photography, on the nature of vernacular images and their role in shaping allegories and cultural stereotypes.

The Bug Out Bag is the essential kit to survive 72 hours and prepare for catastrophes, a manifestation of the fears and obsessions of 21st century Americans. Each owner customizes their own bag and every BOB becomes a portrayal of American All Star Stewart’s Bug Out Bag, or how to market Fear. Make a Wish by Loulou d’Aki is a photographic project on the hopes and dreams of young people, which aims to become a testimony of current times: the experiences of the Arab spring are at the centre of the work by this outstanding Swedish photographer.