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A lady’s portrait for autumn 2016

In autumn 2016 Alberta Ferretti pays a tribute to medieval ladies, knight’s armours and courtly love. Her collections takes us into courts and castles, breathing life into a contemporary lady’s portrait.

Alberta Ferretti has always put forward a new and constantly evolving idea of glamour and elegance. Her collections never fail to be iconic of femininity, sensuality and glamour, as her approach to fashion enhances all aspects of femininity through dresses that highlight a woman’s personality and beauty. Once again this collection, inspired by medieval styles and periods, conveys a refined aesthetics. Alberta Ferretti‘s autumn collection has rich and deep colours aplenty. The fabrics are thick and bold, but look relaxing and easy to glide into.

Alberta Ferretti‘s collection comprises iconic and sculpture-like items in perfect chivalric style endowed with an exclusive charm. It deals mainly with evening dresses which conjure up images of candle-lit dinners in European castles. Though long and structured, their voluminous skirts have a real romantic charm. The richly decorated velvet mini-dresses with embroideries and inlay work look vaguely rock. The outerwear is the centrepiece of this medieval aesthetics. Capes, coats and jackets feature unexpected cuts and motifs. The footwear consists not only of ultra-flat cross strap velvet sandals, but also of very high and décolleté boots adorned with metallic appliqués.