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Exhibited at Villa Bardini in Florence

At Villa Bardini in Florence the collective of contemporary art Nero su Nero exhibits until 9 July the works by Fontana, Kounellis and Galliani.

The exhibition at Villa Bardini is an original reflection on the use of black color in Italian wall painting and sculpture through a selection of 31 masterpieces of well-known masters representing the main moments of contemporary art in our country. The title of the collective is derived from Leonardo Sciascia’s eponymous novel, whose heirs and the Foundation have authorized their use.

Spatialism are is represented by 5 black cuts by Lucio Fontana and a work by Paolo Scheggi; Informal art is Catrame by Alberto Burri; Conceptual art by Vincenzo Agnetti; Poor Art with a great sculpture by Mario Ceroli and a work by Jannis Kounellis, the famous master who has recently passed away. And again, Pop Art with four canvases by Tano Festa and Franco Angeli, representing Transavantgarde with the painting La Monaca by Enzo Cucchi; there are also works by unique personalities such as Gino De Domincis and Nunzio. There are also works by Nicola Samorì, the most beloved painter in Italy and Northern Europe, the leader in the last Italian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale, and Francesca Pasquali with sculptures of straw and neoprene creating vibrant and changing surfaces. And then Lorenzo Puglisi reinterprets the masterpieces of the past masters and Florentine Iacopo Raugei, with contemporary allegories and a lavish, rich and composite black.

An original black in-fashion look is also offered by designer Roberto Capucci who presents, in the last hall, some black dresses in dialogue with three works by Alberto Burri, Enzo Cucchi and Omar Galliani, a sort of summation and synthesis of the whole collective. For the occasion and for the duration of the exhibition at the Capucci Museum, housed in the villa, only black works of art are on show.