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Gold and lemon sprinkled on the spring collections

An energetic, vital and optimistic colour, yellow is the colour of spring par excellence, loved by many brands and designers such as Alberta Ferretti, Moschino and Emilio Pucci. Let’s find out why.

The passion for yellow comes straight from the sixties, when not only was it established as the famous Smiley Face logo in 1963 but was also the base for an infinite number of dresses with floral graphics.

Vibrant yellow is a joyful but also wild and brave tint, making it the perfect pigment in Emilio Pucci’s eyes. A man who has always stood out for his vibrant palette and psychedelic prints, the stylist has fought conventions to communicate an idea of a strong and joyful woman.

Bright yellow also peppers Emilio Pucci’s clothes, in perfect harmony with the light of day and nightlife alike, whereas a pungent yet warm yellow characterizes Alberta Ferretti’s collections, coming in a golden shade that evokes the luxury of English tailoring and expresses the femininity and delicate elegance that is typical of Alberta Ferretti‘s creations. Yellow creates a contrast, while combining gracefully with white, blue and warm shades of orange and red. The clean lines of fluid and light clothes are made up of primary colours that enhance luxurious details.


On the contrary, the yellow chosen by Jeremy Scott for Moschino’s accessories is quite different. An intense, almost acidic version that contrasts with the complexity of other primary colours. A touch of energy is sprayed on shoes, plateaus, pumps and ballerinas, with drawings and graphic patterns expressing the brand’s joyful attitude. Yellow is the medium that allows for a grandiose effect of pure energy for the Moschino woman.