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Neutral colors and pastel shades

Neutral colors and pastel shades are the Spring Summer 2020 fashion trend that stands out from the fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Feminine and chic, they are a real must for the summer. Pink, lilac, wisteria and yellow are the colors of the knitwear to wear as soon as the first ray of sunshine allows us to take off our coat and put it in the closet.

Sophisticated, sober and elegant colors that will ensure a chic look, if combined correctly. They are a real must in the spring: but wearing them with style is not always that easy. It is preferable to combine white or light gray with super colored garments. The latest trends exclude, however, the presence of dark shades, such as black. But those who just can’t give up on this color can make an exception. However, one must pay attention to some precautions in order not to exaggerate and give life to a harlequin look. Better to opt for a maximum of three pastel colors and be careful to balance the items well together. In the fashion shows the brands focus on precise colors: Philosophy offers a romantic version with pink dresses, Chloé opts for the overlapping of multiple fabrics in the peach shade while Emporio Armani chooses a sage green.

Neutral colors are added to the pastel shades as a spring summer trend. The trends from the catwalks line up all the neutral shades, from flesh-colored to tobacco for natural and very bright looks. Elegant and very chic make the outfit look more expensive, super elegant and within reach of any physicality: beige is an eternal reference point for the major fashion brands, the sand color represents a perfect balance, a sophisticated and romantic nuance, ideal also for accessories.