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Classic blue

2020 is finally here and Pantone has declared the “Color of the year” that will accompany us in the new year: Classic blue.

The reasons that lead Pantone each year to declare the color of the year are many and the result of careful evaluation and analysis of trends. For over 20 years, the Pantone Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in various sectors, including fashion, interior design, industrial design, product packaging and graphic design.

Timeless blue and timeless blue, the Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. Recalling the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of this stimulating color highlight our desire for a stable base from which to start while we are preparing to cross the threshold of a new era. Imprinting in our minds as a relaxing color Classic Blue offers refuge and instills a sense of peace and tranquility in the human soul. It allows us to refocus our thoughts by facilitating concentration and providing excellent clarity. Shade of blue that invites reflection, Classic Blue promotes resilience.

Since human skill struggles to keep up with technology, it’s no wonder we’re attracted to honest colors that offer a sense of protection. Non-aggressive tone with which one easily identifies, the reliable Classic Blue lends itself to relaxed interaction. This universally favorite color associated with the advent of a new day is welcomed without delay.