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Un coffee & gin bar di altissima qualità

In Florence, a new coffee bar is born to let you enjoy a universe of coffee and gin flavours that you just can’t miss.

Ditta Artigianale was established by multi award-winning bartender Francesco Sanapo and his partner Daniel Palladini as a microbrewery and coffee bar, with the stated aim of sharing their love for coffee. The Ditta Artigianale has quickly become a landmark in the Florentine food and wine experience also thanks to a refined and retro interior design. Opened in March 2016 in Oltrarno, it is housed in a building designed in the 50s by Giovanni Michelucci, one of the most influential Italian architects of the 20th century.

The rationalist architecture, prints and design of those years have inspired the interior decoration on the two floors. With local elegant tones, a rigorous sense of aesthetics dominated by wood, marble and concrete elements is juxtaposed with tailor-made furnishings, with a respect for the original project exemplified by the extant wide windows.

The café stands at the centre, displaying a coveted list of specialty coffees from around the world. Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno is also a restaurant and gin bar, offering a rich selection of over 150 wines from around the world and an extensive cocktail list designed ad hoc. On the ground floor the bar takes a low and narrow shape that brings bartenders and customers closer in a continuous space. Upstairs, in contrast, the restaurant area is distributed along a series of spacious galleries.

Among the coffees served by Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno managed by Francesco Sanapo, there are very rare and aromatic varieties such as the Geisha from Panama, the Finca Las Nubes from Colombia, and the Finca Catalan from Guatemala.

The American Bar and cocktail section are managed by two bartenders of great renown, Kareem Bennett and Natalia Mazzilli, who concoct classic drinks with a modern twist by following the mixology concept, aimed at creating familiar cocktails with novel flavours.