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Winter wear par excellence

Back to winter and the irrepressible desire for coats, the sleek item that never goes out of fashion and which, at every season, is reinterpreted by the wise and unpredictable hands of designers.

Lanvin, Brioni and Ermanno Scervino have always included coats in their collections, an essential and unavoidable item in everyone’s wardrobe. An out-and-out statement of male and female fashion, the coat has made it through generations and history. It has evolved from the 19th century to our times, adapting to the passing of time without denying its nature.

The forerunner of the coat made a first appearance into the bourgeois wardrobe in the mid-eighties. It was initially criticized by the fashion of the time for being too clumsy and embarrassing to wear, as it was inspired by heavy-duty sailors’ jackets. The first coat models had straight lines, were made of thick wool, a lining and were knee-high, but subsequently were moulded to fit body shapes and patterns were added. At the same time, many became fascinated by the Raglan coat, a wrap-around cape which owes its name to raglan sleeves.

Coats weren’t only worn by bourgeois officers and sailors, but were also the symbol of the rebellious 60s and 70s. Nowadays it is an indispensable item and demands a careful choice of fabric, workmanship and style. For Brioni and Ermanno Scervino coats have become a tailor-made masterpiece that embodies male elegance. Yet the devil is in the detail: textures, contrasting colour buttons and a fur collar can turn coats into a special garment. There is no other way for Lanvin, where the beauty of this dress is all in modern shapes, sharp lines that caress the body and a choice of colors that bespeaks an intense personality.